The observation:

The observation is simple, whether he is an engineer, lawyer, economist, inventor, trained or even self-taught, the entrepreneur must above all take care of his "core business", he must run his shack, he must think about a lot of things, manage unforeseen events, production problems, logistical problems, patients, develop his sales forces etc. This is all the more glaring because with the current crisis, the challenges will be even greater.

He therefore has little or no time for research, development, identity, visibility of the company. Now it's essential: "Not seen, not taken" says the proverb, but we can also say "badly seen, badly taken".

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to B2B, more than 77% of marketers say that a branding strategy is essential for the growth of the company.

The principle is simple:

It's like you have a team internally that is thinking with you to explore new ways to boost your business.

And to make it more efficient.

For you, we have developed the following formulas:

Start-up kits:

Start-up kits make it possible to highlight the values of the company (or project) and to build the foundations of a strong and above all unique identity.

They are based on dialogue, market and competition analysis.

They often lead to the development of a visual identity base.

Just to already be able to be noticed.

Then, the start-up can embark on long-term treatment.
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SME kits:

The observation is obvious: SMEs neglect a little too much the importance of their public image. The SME kit is there to highlight the uniqueness of the company and refocus identity on its values, business model, mission and vision.

This will often result in an upgrade of identity so that it can be more in line with its time.

A logo facelift, the adoption of new colors, can be the graphic expression. Reaffirmation of its mission, values and vision will also increase its visibility and awareness.

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The design reflection modules:

These modules allow companies, small, medium or large, to regularly benefit from a design thinking service that often leads the company to adopt a « dynamic » behaviour. [We (r)-awaken your organization's ability to adapt to continuously create new value] while other modules are oriented towards identity, image and communication.

The modules, based on duration, make it possible to continuously increase the company's reputation and also to acquire the agility necessary to better face the challenges of an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. These modules will therefore allow it to increase its turnover, profits and performance in environmental, societal, social and economic matters.

It is not for nothing that multinationals apply this kind of process to their identity.

Why not your company?

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Identity attitude:

We created this module to support the company in the management of its brand; indeed, studies have shown that the coherence of branding makes it possible to generate much more profits than if it is neglected or even non-existent.

We ensure coherence between the company’s vision, mission and strategy through its identity; we ensure this coherence through its identity components, we measure the perception of the company’s image both internally and externally and we set up a recurring adaptation system to maintain this consistency.

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