60 minutes to reassure you!


- Any doubt remains?

- Does your Business Plan have grey areas?

- You are not sure if your project is unique...

- Your friends don't seem neutral to you?

- Would an independent advice help you?

- Launch it now or not... modify it... wait...?

- How will the public react?

- Do you want to test your project?

- What to highlight?

- What to do first?

- Is the communication fair?

All the questions you can ask yourself... It's normal, you're not the only one to have this kind of stress! The experience of many years has shown us that, often, a few objective advice can facilitate your choices.

That's why we have set up a tool that will pilot you and increase your chances of success...

How does it work?

#1- You make 2 appointments*.

#2- You meet us.

at the first appointment:

#3- You present your project.

#4- We asks you questions to refine the understanding of the context.

#5- We analyze all the data...

during the second appointment:

#6- and suggests options to increase the potential of your project.

#7- The proposed options are monitored or not...

Result: You increase the chances of completing your project.

What next?

Afterwards, you can take advantage of the various project development tools that the team has set up to accelerate your chances of success.

This may include, among other things, testing with your potential users present on the networks, impact analysis, R&D to evolve your project in the medium and long term, or to retain your market, communication to increase its awareness and many other things that you did not yet dare to consider...

*: either by email: info@contraste-stimulator.eu -
either by phone:
+32 475 80 20 14

But it doesn't stop there....

You are launching your project. You are in the development phase, you will benefit from our assistance with our advice, our suggestions to finalize the launch of your project and make your dream come true. And this of course by taking advantage of the testing with your potential users present in the partner network...

That's it, you're in the launch phase; euphoric phase but also very delicate phase because the pitfalls are numerous and the maneuvers are delicate. To help you reach your cruising speed, we have developed for you a piloting that for 1 year helps you to stay consistent, to stay on track. Mermaid songs will not affect your project... You won't get lost because here too, you can take advantage of the multiple skills of the partner network. 

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