Throughout Contraste's existence, by practicing our methodology, we developed corporate identities, brands, publications, packaging and others, we also tested the reaction of the target audience to whom it was addressed. Each time, we found that it worked well, the recognition rate was good. This means that the company for which we develop something benefits from the increase in its reputation and expands its market. Interested? an email and we talk about it together.n

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CONTRAST n.m. (ital. contrasto, struggle) opposition between two things that are highlighted by their juxtaposition. In contrast, in contrast to: as opposed to. IMAG. MED: Contrast product: substance injected to make certain organs opaque to X-rays. 

CONTRASTED, E adject. whose contrasts are very marked, accused. A contrasting photograph.

CONTRAST v.i. or v.t. ind. (with ). To oppose in a striking way, to be in contrast with. This architectural concept contrasts with these old houses.

v.t. Contrast, in an artistic or literary work.

In her painting, she was able to contrast the figures. Contrast a photograph, an image: accentuate the oppositions between the light and dark parts 

In your sector, the Contrast is necessary for your company to become a star.

At Contraste

we begin by highlighting some of your qualities that make your company a unique being, to effectively reveal and celebrate this uniqueness.

Contraste puts your company's identity at the center of its methodology; stimulating it also means stimulating and enthrating its human components; workers, proud of their work, are carriers of dynamism.

Your company contrasts essentially by its men and women... It reflects the individuals who make it up.

The company needs to assert its uniqueness to increase its reputation.

When it contrasts in its environment, you are better recognized and therefore a winner.

The image of the product, or service you offer, is not only its brand but also all the elements that make it live.

Each element has its raison d'être in the environment in which it is located, each declination has its importance. It conveys the values of the product and also that of the company.

The seriousness of this one is noticeable by the consistency of all these small details.

For the product to be a success story, it is the union between production and communication that will generate it.

Communication is not an end in itself, it is there so that the company, the product, can be heard in the great general tinkling.

Identity and communication are part of a whole that must be coherent.

She is there to ensure that the message that the company wants to convey is best heard by its audience. Audience who unfortunately is also solicited by many competitors.

The parasites between the transmitter and the receiver of the message are all pitfalls that prevent a good reception of the message, which is why it will often have to be repeated so that at least 5 times it can be fully seen and integrated by the audience. Studies have shown that for a message to be integrated, assimilated and recognized, it takes at least 5 repetitions under optimal conditions. Hence the importance of a strong and coherent identity to increase even fragmented occurrences that will contribute to assimilating identity.

How do we showcase you?

We practice, among other things, "design thinking": We listen to you, we ask you about your projects and objectives (short and long term), your needs, your desires, your dreams, your fears and your reluctance.

We analyze and integrate this data. We therefore integrate all your values.

This is followed by a kind of alchemy: we develop creative orientations that we share with you...

We prototype and test the chosen options.

We observe and analyze reactions and behaviors

of users.

We adapt the prototype, if necessary, according to these results.

And we are finalizing... 

The experience

CONTRASTE's experience has been forged since 1984 in fields as varied as European Programs for the development of commercial and technological relations between Europe and Asia, the ACP (Africa-Caribbean-Pacific), biotechnologies, banking, food, beverages, computer expertise, art, the world of photography, sportswear, institutional and political communication, associations, real estate, development cooperation, pharmaceuticals, the press, information technology, air navigation, cosmetics...l 

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